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The viral helicopter video and the "Making of"

The whole world has been talking about my helicopter video, that I recorded in Hong Kong and uploaded to my youtube channel on Friday, 03.03.17. To get the optical illusion that the helicopter is magically flying without the blades moving you have to match 2 things in your camera. The shutter speed and the frame rate. I shot this video in January in Hongkong. I shot the Video using my Samsung S7 Smartphone set on „Pro“ Function, where you can adjust the ISO and the shutter speed manualy, so you have full control. To get rid of the motion blur you have to set the shutter speed to a very high value.

The Original Video is captured in QHD, which is 2560 x 1440 Pixels on the S7.

The frame rate was 30 fps. I am guessing that the helicopter had a rotation speed of about 6 rounds per seconds and as the 30 fps in the camera is a multiple of that, the blades do look like they are not moving. The helicopter does have the same RPM speed (rounds per minute) when lifting off, it just adjust the tilt of the blades in order to lift off. This circumstance helped to create this illusion.

The media all over the world reported about this video


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